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Why Marie Kondo Recommends Tidying Your Own Belongings First

Marie Kondo, the tidying expert, bestselling author and star of Netflix's hit show, "Tidying Up With Marie Kondo" and "Sparking Joy" has transformed countless lives with her proven approach to decluttering and organizing. One of her core principles is that you should always start by tidying your own belongings before asking others to do the same. Let's explore why!

Understanding the KonMari Method

The KonMari Method is based on the idea of keeping only those items that "spark joy." By going through your belongings and making intentional decisions about what to keep, you create a space that reflects your values and preferences. This process encourages mindfulness and self-awareness, which are crucial for effective tidying.

Lead by Example

One of the primary reasons Marie Kondo advises starting with your own belongings is to lead by example. When others see the positive changes in your environment and attitude, they are more likely to be inspired to follow suit. Demonstrating the benefits of a tidy space can be a powerful motivator for others to start their own decluttering journey.

Reflect on Personal Challenges

When you find yourself unhappy with your partner's chaos, it can be helpful to take a step back and reflect on your own situation. Sometimes, our dissatisfaction with others is a mirror of our own unresolved issues. By tidying your own space first, you might discover that your irritation stems from your own need for order and control. Addressing your own challenges can lead to greater empathy and understanding in your relationship.

Cultivate a Sense of Control

Tidying up your own belongings can cultivate a sense of control and accomplishment. This is particularly important when living with others, as it helps you feel more balanced and less overwhelmed by the chaos that might exist elsewhere in the home. Once you have established a tidy and organized personal space, you are better equipped to approach shared spaces and collaborate with others on maintaining order.

Build Mutual Respect

Respecting others' belongings and personal space is a fundamental aspect of the KonMari Method. By starting with your own possessions, you demonstrate respect for your spouse and children's things and boundaries. This approach fosters mutual respect and cooperation, making it easier to address shared areas of the home together.

Final Thoughts

Marie Kondo's advice to tidy your own belongings first is grounded in the belief that true change starts from within. By focusing on your own space and habits, you set a positive example, gain valuable insights, and build a foundation of respect and understanding. Remember, unhappiness with another person's chaos can often be a sign of your own challenges. By addressing your own clutter first, you not only create a more harmonious environment but also cultivate personal growth and stronger relationships.

For more insights and tips on decluttering and organizing, stay tuned to our blog and consider joining our DIY organizing masterclass. Transform your space and life with the principles of the KonMari Method.


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