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Tidying Festival

Declutter your life with a comprehensive tidying festival

  • 15 hr
  • Starting at $1,425
  • Customer's Place


I work with you in your entire home, category by category using my KonMari declutter checklist, keeping what sparks joy and letting go of the rest. Be prepared for a journey of discovery as you reconnect with the things that matter most and learn new mindsets for managing your lifestyle. Fifteen (15) hours sessions: $1,425 Suitable for people who live alone or in smaller homes. It’d also be great for those who would like to work on their own to finish up the category after each lesson. Thirty (30) hours sessions: $2,700 Suitable for people who live in average size family homes. It'd also be great for those who would like to do some homework in between lessons. Sixty (60) hours sessions: $5,100 Suitable for people who live in larger homes. It'd be also great for those with family that would like to participate or those who are not able to do homework in between lessons. All Tidying Festivals include: Hands-on in-home organization services by category using my KonMari declutter checklist Lessons on the signature KonMari folding method Unlimited access to Mabel for home organization questions and advice via text / email Shopping support for home organization products such as closet organizer, cube organizer, mail organizer, tool organizer (if needed) Additional hours can be booked at a discounted rate "The tidy experience was life changing! Mabel was efficient, thoughtful, and productive. I can’t believe how much we got done. I am now living a whole different way. It is more meaningful, thoughtful, and efficient. Thank you Mabel!!" "We were renovating our house and so took the opportunity to hire Mabel to help purge and organize 34-60 years of stuff! It was daunting to do alone; Mabel makes it manageable and rewarding! Mabel is kind, gentle, persistent, dependable, and has a joyful personality. There is order to the process and order to the work and every area is addressed, leaving no stone unturned. Set aside any embarrassment, or thoughts that you can do it yourself and make the commitment for a bright future!"

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East Grand Rapids, MI, USA


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