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Best Value

DIY Organizing Masterclass



Every month

+$100 Three-hour in-home / virtual training

9-Week Personalized Masterclass

Valid for 3 months

In this proven 9-week program, you will:
-apply the effective decluttering approach that Marie Kondo created
-be virtually guided by Certified Master KonMari Consultant and Professional Organizer Mabel Heitmeier (via weekly 1-on-1 video guidance, printable checklists, and assignments)
-find what sparks joy and fall in love with your space

Program Overview:
Week 1: Ideal Lifestyle Vision Mapping (In-home / Virtual 3-hour session) 
Create a Vision Board
Home Tour and Practice Joy Checking with Clothes
Take “Before” Photos of Your Space
Week 2: Decluttering Clothing & Accessories
Organizing closets and drawers
Week 3: Decluttering Books & Magazines
Organizing bookshelves / home library
Week 4: Decluttering Papers
Organizing files and creating a paper storage system that boost productivity
Week 5: Electronics, Health, Beauty, Office supplies, Decor & Hobby items
Week 6: Decluttering the kitchen and pantry
Organizing the kitchen, pantry, and dining room
Week 7: Catch up on any of the previous areas you may have fallen behind on, and reflect on the progress you’ve made thus far
Week 8: Sentimental Items
Week 9: Customized Storage Solutions and Add Joyful Touches

$280 three-hour in-home / virtual training + $180 per month for 2 months

Your time commitment will vary, based on the volume of possessions in your home and how quickly you are able to make decisions about what to keep. Suggested time commitment is 5-10 hours per week.

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