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Is clutter stressing you out at home and at work? Are you constantly picking things up around the house and office? Does it take too much time organizing your home and workspace to find what you need when you need them? 


Let's tidy up together!

I am Mabel, your personal organizing coach and certified professional organizer serving Grand Rapids and Harbor Springs, Michigan. I devote my full attention to work alongside you in order to deliver results and success.

I am passionate about sharing joy with you by developing genuine relationships. 

I create an inclusive environment to meet you right where you are at.

My Approach using the KonMari Method

We begin with a complimentary phone consultation to discuss your challenges, goals and home organization ideas. You can count on an empathetic listener without judgement.

During our first one-on-one personalized coaching session, I start by greeting your home and getting familiar with the characteristics of your space. Decluttering and organizing your items comes next! Over a series of meetings, I will teach you how to declutter and organize using the art of tidying up so you only need to do it once. We will transform your home into a clutter-free, tidy and organized space that Sparks Joy! This will be done one category after the other using my KonMari Checklist, starting with Clothes, Books, Papers, Miscellaneous items and all the way to Sentimental items.

Together, we will find the best homes for everything you love.

"I am ready to put my home and life in order!"

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